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Letter to Santa Monica City Council

Subject: 16A on 12/12/23 Council agenda


Dear Honorable Council Members:

Save the Civic was formed with two simple goals: to restore and revitalize Santa Monica’s Civic Auditorium as a world-class venue for the performing and musical arts, and to keep this landmarked treasure in the hands of Santa Monica residents.


We have been heartened by the hundreds of residents, artists, musicians, educators, and luminaries who have joined us in this mission. 


We are writing today to express our strong support for item 16A which outlines a timely process to move the Civic project forward. We are grateful to Mayor Davis and Mayor Pro Tem Negrete for bringing this proposal to Council and hope it will get unanimous support.


We look forward to working together to restore this cultural icon so our community, and all communities, can enjoy it for generations to come. 


Thank you.

The Save the Civic Steering Committee





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