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Civic Update: Encouraging News

Dear Friends of the Civic:


Last week City Council unanimously passed a resolution calling for our City Manager to begin the process of soliciting potential lessees to restore and operate our historic Civic Auditorium.


Interested parties must “have the experience to operate the facility as a thriving entertainment and cultural arts venue, experience working with projects with landmark restrictions and express intention to preserve the distinguishing historical landmark attributes of the facility, to the greatest extent possible, and… demonstrate(d) financial wherewithal to operate the facility without any financial contribution from the City.”


These requirements check all the boxes we’ve been hoping for, and we know of at least one interested suitor. We believe the necessary process of opening it up to other potential suitors will be a timely one, which is also welcome news.


For those of us hoping to one day have a restored, landmarked, world-class music and performing arts center in Santa Monica, this is good news and a great way to end our year.


We’re also confident that none of this would be happening without your involvement.


Happy Holidays!      



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