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Our Mission

Civic Square.png

Save the Civic’s mission is a restored, vibrant, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium serving as a center for the performing, musical and visual arts, helping to make our City a cultural and arts destination for Santa Monicans, Southern Californians and beyond; a source of pride (and tax revenue!) for the people of our great City. 


To accomplish this:

We’re working with organizations and residents to:

1) Discourage the City Council from entering into any agreement with an entity that will not guarantee the Civic’s landmark status and/or relegates its use to primarily servicing a limited segment of Santa Monica’s population, with only occasional public use. 

2) Find potential entities to operate the Civic and encourage the City to partner with them to protect, invest in, and maintain the Civic for its valued purpose as a world-class public venue for the performing, musical and visual arts.

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