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Civic Update: A Giant Step Forward!

Dear Friends of the Civic:


When we were told our publicly owned Civic Auditorium should be sold off, even demolished, residents said “no”.


When it was suggested residents finance a $250 million bond ($450 with interest!) to convert this beloved performing arts space into a school gym, residents again said “no”.


In our fight to save and restore the Civic as a world-class concert and performing arts center we’ve had allies and nay-sayers. Through it all our mission has been clear: Santa Monica should keep this publicly-owned space publicly owned and find a partner who will respect its landmark status and restore it.


We’re thrilled to announce that with your help we’ve taken a giant step forward in achieving that goal.


Last week the State officially freed the City from the confines of the Surplus Land Act which had mandated that should the City want to divest itself of the property, it first needed to make the site available to entities representing schools, parks or housing. The City is now free to pursue other partners for the site.  


Waiting to make its proposal is the capable and impressive group we found months ago.


This group would lease the Civic (so Santa Monica retains ownership of this public space!) and restore it into a world-class venue.


The cost to Santa Monica taxpayers? Zero. The restoration and operation of the Civic would be financed entirely without city or taxpayer money.


A restored Civic, using no taxpayer money, and owned by Santa Monicans. It’s exactly what we’ve been asking for.


Soon City Council will be discussing the next steps to move the Civic process forward. When we know the timing of those discussions we will let you know so you can weigh in.   


Then we hope to introduce this group to the community so everyone can hear their proposal. Stay tuned for your opportunity to meet them and see their plans. When you do, we think you’ll be delighted.


Dale Bell
Dale Bell

Now that we/they have removed obstructions to create a clear path, what, please, will the strategy, the timeline, and who will be the players...i.e. When we will have our next unencumbered meeting? Can't wait for "Next Steps"!



Fantastic news!

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