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Letter to Council by Bea Nemlaha 9.14.23

Dear Mayor Davis, Mayor Pro Tem Negrete, and Council Members,

The Civic is an exciting opportunity, not a tired liability.

In a public/private partnership, a restored, re-opened performing and visual arts and community cultural center:

  • Will be a future revenue stream for the City from ticket sales, rentals, and invigorated hotel, restaurant, retail, and tourism businesses

  • Address the displacement of the Belmar Community with a fund supported by ticket sale revenues

  • Re-center Santa Monica as a known destination for music, theater, dance, art and photography, and newly emerging art forms

  • As an arts destination, revive Santa Monica’s reputation as a desirable, safe community to visit

  • Preserve the Landmark Civic as a legacy of Welton Becket’s bold optimism of mid-20th century architecture in company with the LAX Theme Building, the Dorothy Chandler and Mark Taper Forum at the Music Center, the Cinerama Dome, and the Capitol Records building

The School District cannot do this. You can. Carpe Diem.


Bea Nemlaha

43 Year Ocean Park Resident

Organizer, 3rd Street Neighborhood Historic District


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