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Civic Update: Some very good news!

We have exciting news to share!

But first, let’s recap our efforts to save our historic, publicly owned Civic Auditorium and restore it as a world-class concert and performing arts center.

Later this month, our City Council will be discussing whether to sell the Civic to the School District. Before Council makes its decision, it will hear from residents, so we’ll want to get as many Save the Civic supporters as possible to that meeting, and/or have them write letters to Councilmembers. We’ll let you know when we have the date Council will be deliberating. You’ll then be able to go to our website,, for ideas on what to say or write.

We’ll also be encouraging you to contact FIVE of your friends who live in Santa Monica and ask them to contact Council. Many Santa Monicans don’t even know the Civic is in danger. If they did, they would want to take action to ensure this unique treasure survives and thrives. To make reaching out to friends easy, we’ll provide you with an email template you can use.

And now our exciting news.

Some have said, “we support saving the Civic, but the School District is the ‘bird-in-the-hand’ for our cash-strapped City and without an alternative, doesn’t the City have to take its offer?”


Because now the School District is NOT the only potential buyer! In only a few short weeks, we have found a serious, motivated, and credible investment group with experience in concert promotion that is VERY interested in partnering with the City to restore and run the Civic as a world-class concert, performing arts and cultural center.

This entity, which has done this type of project before, is familiar with the Civic and sees its potential as a one-of-a-kind, public space on the Westside. And unlike the School District, which does not have the resources or desire to build a world-class venue with concert quality acoustics that will attract first-tier artists, this group can.

Obviously, this is at a very early phase. The point is, if we’ve found a potential suitor, the City could as well. But first we have to stop this priceless gem from being converted into a $250+ million, resident-financed(!) gym that will house exactly ONE basketball court. Or worse, from being demolished, which the School District can also do.

We’re so close to having a restored and vibrant Civic Auditorium! We just need your help. Come to Council when it’s time! Write emails! Tell your friends! We can do this!

Thank you for all you’ve done so far. Without your efforts we wouldn’t have gotten this far. More to come…


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